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2015-10-15 - Automated Pledge-a-thon Notifications

We are excited to announce new automated notifications for participants and team leaders:

  1. Notification email to participant - "You've received a donation"
  2. Notification email to participant - "Fundraising goal reached"
  3. Notification email to team leader - "New team member"
  4. Notification email to team leader - "Team fundraising goal reached"

You can customize the notifications with your own messaging. We provide you with default language to show you how to automatically pull in information like the donor's name and the amount of the donation.

What do I need to do if my Pledge-a-thon has already been created?

  • Learn how to add Participant notifications and Team Leader notifications to your existing Pledge-a-thon.
  • The notifications section will be disabled for existing Pledge-a-thons, so that there are no disruptions for your ongoing events. This gives you control to decided when you want to enable notifications.
  • For participants who register after you have enabled notifications in your Pledge-a-thon setup, notifications will be automatically enabled in their fundraising account. Participants and team leaders can further customize their notification settings from the Edit My Profile section of their fundraising accounts.
  • For participants who registered before you have enabled notifications in your Pledge-a-thon setup, you can send an email to let them know that they can turn on notifications in the Edit My Profile section of their fundraising account.

What should I do when creating a new Pledge-a-thon?

  • When creating a new Pledge-a-thon from scratch, notifications will be enabled by default.
  • When copying an existing Pledge-a-thon, notifications will be enabled or disabled based on the status of the Pledge-a-thon copied.
  • Learn how to customize the default messages for the Participant notifications and Team Leader notifications.

These notifications are great tools to increase your fundraising. They include stats to help motivate your participants and when fundraising is going well, they can give a gentle nudge to increase fundraising goals.

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