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How do I setup up shop options?
  1. From the General Settings section of the Shopping Cart menu, choose Options.
  2. Product Display Options: You can customize the layout of products within a department by deciding in what order you want your products listed: by price, in alphabetical order, or in a specific order of your choice. For each product, you can choose how your colour or size choices are displayed.
    • Choose a Product Order from the list.
      • Alphabetically Ascending: A, B, C, D ...
      • Alphabetically Descending: Z, Y, X, W ...
      • SKU Ascending: #536, #539, #654 ...
      • SKU Descending: #987, #832, #821 ...
      • Price Ascending: $4, $5, $6 ...
      • Price Descending: $6, $5, $4 ...
      • Manually Set: You determine the order
    • Choose a Product View.
      • Tile shows products in a grid 3 products wide. See example
      • List shows products in a single-column list. See example
    • Choose a Colour View.
      • Radio Buttons shows all colours and colour names beside clickable buttons in a vertical list.
      • Drop-Down List shows the first colour name, and all colour names when customers click on the list.
      • In both cases, customers can choose a single option.
    • Choose a Size View.
      • Radio Buttons shows all size names beside clickable buttons in a Horizontal List.
      • Drop-Down List shows the first size, and all size options when customers click on the list.
      • In both cases, customers can choose a single option.
  3. Tax Options (Canadian Shopping Carts only): Some customers residing in Canada may be exempt from paying Canadian sales tax on their purchases. You can opt not to charge tax on these sales. The Shopping Cart service collects and records the customer Canadian tax exemption numbers. Note that the Shopping Cart has no way of checking the accuracy of the tax exemption numbers; you must do this separately.
    • Choose Canadian Tax Exemption if you wish to allow tax exemption for those shoppers residing in Canada who provide a Canadian tax exemption number.
  4. Check Out Options: You can provide customers with flexibility in how their purchases are received. These options allow customers to make purchases and send them to other recipients as gifts, add a note to the gift, and to choose the date they want the merchandise to arrive.
    • To allow customers to ship purchases to a different address than their own, choose Allow Different Recipient.
    • To allow customers to include a note with their shipment, choose Show Recipient Note.
    • To allow customers to choose the date for their purchase to arrive at its destination, choose Show Delivery Date.
    • If you have a product uses a time-block delivery schedule, choose Show Delivery Time.
  5. Display Options: Determine the width of the border around each product, and whether to use the Command Bar which shows the Return, General Info, View Cart and Check Out links on your eStore pages.
    • Choose Show Command Bar to include operational links.
    • Or, deselect Show Command Bar to hide operational links.
  6. Menu Options: You can change the appearance of your menu in your eStore.
    • GiftTool has built your templates for a specific menu style. If you would like to change the menu style, we recommend that you contact GiftTool at to assist in properly configuring your menus.
    • If you have selected Tabs as your menu style, you can specify how many columns (or tabs) are shown horizontally.
  7. Click Save.

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