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About event coordinators

Each event must have an event coordinator. The GiftTool account manager sets up event coordinator profiles and assigns them to manage certain events or categories of events. Once the profiles have been set up with a username & password, event coordinators can control events in their areas of responsibility.

The name, address and telephone number of the event coordinator will appear on the event description page and email confirmation sent to your registrants. Furthermore, your confirmation emails will be sent using this email address - displayed as the 'From' email address in your registrants inbox.

You can input a specific person as coordinator or use generic language consistent with your organization's business practices. For example:

  • Jane Doe,, 1-555-123-4567 ext 123
  • Conference Secretariat,, 1-555-123-4567
  • ABC Conference Committee,, 1-800-123-4567

Only one coordinator can be assigned to each event. If several staff members need access to modify, process manual registrations, record offline payments or run reports for the same event, they should use the same user name / password associated with the individual listed as the event coordinator for the event.

Note: Coordinators can log into their restricted accounts by clicking on the Admin link located either:

  • At the bottom of each Event Description / Registration page, or
  • At the top of your GiftTool List of Events page.

How do I add an event coordinator profile?

How do I view or change an event coordinator profile?

How do event coordinators log in to their restricted GiftTool account?

What capabilities does the coordinator have in the BackOffice?

Why did I not receive the confirmation email?

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