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Effectively spread the word about your pledge-a-thon

Event organizing is resource-intensive, no matter how straightforward the pledge-a-thon. GiftTool streamlines pledge-a-thon organization and administration, and helps you analyze pledge-a-thon data that can provide helpful insights. Putting these insights to use contribute to continual improvement of processes and, ultimately, of pledge-a-thon quality.

Like any other event, the success of your pledge-a-thon is dependent upon its visibility in the community. In the first phase, your organization's publicity campaign is an important way to raise public awareness and get participant involvement.

In the second phase, during the lead-up to the pledge-a-thon, have your participants join your publicity campaign by tapping into their networks. This extends the word about your campaign farther than you could reach.

In the third phase, during the event itself, publicizing the event can incorporate real-time reports on pledges and donations made, and include healthy competition between teams and groups for spots of honour roll of top fundraisers. Your internal communications campaign is equally important as a source of information and encouragement for volunteers participating as fundraisers.

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