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How do I use Copy to create a new event?

GiftTool makes it simple for you to run similar events over time. If you have an event that occurs annually or semi-annually, there is no need to rebuild the event from scratch.

Copying an event lets you create a new event based on the setup of an existing event. By copying an event, it also ensures that you start with a clean database with no registrants listed in the event reports.

To create a copy of an existing event:

  1. Click Registrar to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Setup section, click Manage Events. The event which you wish you copy will appear in either your Archived or Active tab.
  3. Click Profile beside the event name.
  4. Click Copy located at the bottom of the profile.
  5. Select the New Event Start Date and Save Event Copy.

Your copy of this event will appear in your Draft Event folder in the Manage Events section. The copy will have a new Event #, and [Copy] will appear at the front of the Event title. If applicable, the copied event will be located in the same Event Category as the original event.

Learn more about changing your event.

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