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How do I create a membership renewal notice?

Create an automatic renewal email for each membership, which will be sent to members as their membership expires.

Allows you to create multiple reminder emails per membership for different time periods: 2 weeks before; on the day of; and 1 week after the expiration.

Members that renew early to the same membership will not receive follow-up reminders. If renewing to a different membership, make sure to select the new membership at the bottom of the setup page so that reminder emails do not continue to be sent once the member has renewed to this different membership.

  1. Click Memberships to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Setup section of the Membership service menu, click Renewal Notices.
  3. Click Add Renewal Notice button.
  4. From the drop down menu, select the name of the Membership, whose members should receive this notice.
  5. Determine when to automatically email this notice, based on the number of days before or after a membership has expired. For example:
    • By setting "0 days before" or "0 days after", this renewal notice will be automatically sent to all members on the day that their membership expires
    • By setting "7 days before", this renewal notice will be automatically sent to all members before the workday begins, 7 days before their membership will expire.
    • By setting "7 days after", this renewal notice will be automatically sent to all members before the workday begins, 7 days after their membership expired.
  6. Enter the Name and Email address to be used for this renewal email.  The name can be a first & last name, or a generic name such as "AABC Membership Coordinator".
  7. Modify the greeting settings as required. Selecting Full Name will display both the first and last name after the Greeting.
  8. Create your email by entering your subject line and email message.
    • IMPORTANT: You must include the link that members should click to renew their membership (either a link to your own website or the GiftTool membership link).
  9. If members of this membership should renew to a different membership:
    • Paste this other membership's registration form in the body of your email text. For example, members whose "3-Month Initiation Membership" are soon to expire, can receive a renewal notice with the link to the "Annual Membership" registration form.
    • Check the box beside the new membership in the "Do NOT send renewal notice emails to members who are also active members of the following active or archived memberships" section. For example, if an expired member of the "3-Month Initiation Membership" has successfully signed up for the "Annual Membership", then to stop additional renewal notices going out to this member, check the box beside "Annual Membership". This ensures that reminder renewal notices are not sent if they have successfully renewed to a different membership.
  10. Click Save.  Once saved, your renewal notices will be automatically sent early in the morning to qualifying members of this membership.
  11. Repeat the process, if you wish to send multiple renewal notifications as a reminder for those members who did not act on the first renewal email.


  • Renewal notices are scheduled to be sent out in the early hours of each day. Therefore, when creating or updating a renewal notice, the email notices will be sent the next day, during the first few hours of the day.
  • To setup a draft notice, which you do NOT want sent to any members, include the text: [COPY] in the subject line. When you are ready to have the renewal notices go live, then remove the [COPY] text in the subject line. Your notices will be sent in the next scheduled mailing based on the membership status of your members.

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