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How do I refund or cancel a membership order?

To cancel a membership order and issue a refund:

  1. Expire the membership within your GiftTool account:
    • Click Membership to view the Main Menu of this service.
    • From the Administration section, choose Members.
    • Search for a member order profile.
    • Click Profile beside the member's name.
    • Click Change beside the Membership to be expired and archived.
    • Change the Membership Status to Archive.
    • Modify the Membership End Date to a date in the past by clicking the calendar icon.
    • Click Save Membership.
  2. Refund the credit cardholder [ignore this step if a credit card was not involved]:
    • Login to your Payment Gateway account, find the credit card transaction, and reverse the charge on the person's credit card. Your payment gateway will refund the % credit card discount rate charges, but not the transaction fee.

Note: There is no way to permanently delete the member. This is to ensure an historical audit trail of all past transactions. Instead, you can expire their membership and change the end date to the past, so that they are no longer an “active” member.

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