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Can I process faxed registrations with a credit card but no security code?

As an online event registration system, GiftTool protects your customer's security by insisting on the use of a CVV2 security code. Nevertheless, you can process event registrations received by fax or in the mail, with a credit card but without the security code, by following this two step process:


  1. Login to your Payment Gateway account and manually process these transactions, keeping note of the authorization code.


  1. Disable the "Pay at the door" option shown to the public:
    • Click Registrar > Manage Events > Change > Payment Options
    • Make sure the box beside "Allow payment on site" is unchecked. It is important to make sure this option is unchecked so that this is not displayed to the public.
    • Delete the text "Pay at the door:" and replace it with "We have successfully processed your credit card payment. Thank You." (or something similar so that you know this was manually processed by your staff).
    • Click Save as Active.
  2. Now your staff can manually process the registrations through GiftTool:
    • Click Registrar > Administration: Registrants > click the tab marked Manual Registration.
    • Complete the event registration form. This will look like your public page, except you can see the hidden registrant types, along with all payment methods.
    • On the final payment page, make sure to select the last payment option for "We have successfully processed your credit card payment. Thank You."
  3. Finally, to keep the Balance Due up-to-date, record within GiftTool the receipt of these payments:
    • Click Registrar > Administration: Registrants
    • Search for the registrant and click Profile.
    • Within the Profile, click Offline Payments in the Event Order Transactions area.
    • Record your offline payment.
    • Enter the initials or name of the person recording the payment.
    • Add the payment gateway authorization code.
    • Click Submit to save changes when done.
    • The Balance Due for this registrant will be adjusted by this amount.

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