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How do I limit capacity by Registrant Type instead of by Registration Option?

Most conferences will have a capacity limit by the Registration Option. For example: maximum 200 conference attendees regardless of whether they are students, members or non-members. In this situation, capacity is set at the Registration Option level.

Other conferences have a limit of seats by Registrant Type. For example: a maximum of 20 students, 120 members, or 60 non-members can attend the conference.

To setup a conference with a capacity limit by Registrant Type:

  1. Create different Registration Options for each registrant type with the different pricing and the different capacity limits. For example:
    • Option Name = Conference Registration - Member; Price=$500; Capacity=120
    • Option Name = Conference Registration - Non-Member; Price=$750; Capacity=60
    • Option Name = Conference Registration - Student; Price=$200; Capacity=20
  2. If you are only offering a few registration options, you can simplify your registration form by creating a single Registrant Type called "Attendee"

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