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Create memberships - quickly and easily!

GiftTool Membership Management service helps you manage your members' data with minimum effort by automating membership sign-up, renewals and updates, processing the membership fees, and helping you analyze member data.

  1. The first thing you should do is create your Privacy Policy.
  2. Add a Membership Manager: Confirmation emails will list your membership coordinator's contact details, as well as, use their email as the 'From' email address displayed in your registrants' inbox . You can assign a specific person as coordinator or you can use a generic language, such as "Membership Coordinator".
  3. Create a Waiver to outline the Terms & Conditions for your membership. The waiver can be displayed to your members in two ways, as a link embedded in your registration pages which they can click on to view, or as a separate page in the registration process where they must click "I accept".
  4. Now you're ready to Add a Membership! The wizard will walk you through each page step-by-step.
    • Membership Details can include the name, description, price and duration of your membership. You set duration to begin & end on a specific day, or set duration for a time period which begins on the day a member registers.
    • Customize member information: Include up to 28 demographic fields that members complete during the registration process. Modify the text to suit your needs, and determine if the information is required or optional.
    • Customize payment options: Aside from credit card payments, allow other payment methods where membership is confirmed after payment is received. Specify associated taxes and your cancellation policy.
    • Click the Update & Next button at the bottom to move to the next screen.
    • Don't forget to click the Save as Draft button when you're finished.
  5. If you wish to add a survey to the end of your registration form (at a nominal extra fee per registrant.), you can create a survey which can then be attached to your membership.
  6. When changing a membership once it has been saved, you must click on Update & Next before proceeding to another screen. And don't forget to hit the save button when you are finished with all your changes.
  7. Note: If you already have a web browser open displaying the old registration form, please close the browser and open a new browser so that you can see your changes to your online form. Otherwise, your browser session will still exist, continuing to show the old settings even though you have hit the refresh button. Hint: If the input fields are already filled out, this means that data continues to exist from the last session and you ma
  8. When you're ready to launch your draft membership on your web site simply activate the membership. Then, insert your membership link(s) into your Web site.

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