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How do I offer a discount to registrants using a coupon code?

Use the Registrant Types with manual authentication, in order to offer a special discount to registrants using a coupon code. This will allow your registrants to select this Registrant Type when registering, and enter their coupon codes to access the lower prices.

To setup your event registration to accept a discount coupon code:

  1. Click Registrar to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Setup section, click Manage Events.
  3. Select Change next to the event you would like to change.
  4. Click Registrants (light blue tab).
  5. Create a new Registrant Type:
    • Enter a name such as: "Attendees with special coupon code" or "Invitation only".
    • Check the option for "Manual Authentication".
    • Modify the text, such as "Please provide your coupon code number to proceed with your registration at the discounted rate:"
    • Save Registrant Type.
  6. Click Event Options (light blue tab) to associate the price for this new Registrant Type:
    • For each registration option/package that the coupon code holder is allowed to purchase, click Change.
    • Enter the price(s) for this new Registrant Type.
    • Save Registration Option/Package.
  7. Repeat previous step for all other event options/packages.
  8. If you are selling additional items or session options, you must also enter the price for this new Registrant Type.
  9. Click Save as Active.
  10. When reviewing your public pages, you can hide the registration options & pricing on your Event Description page if you do not wish regular attendees to see these discounted prices before registering. Instead if required, you can list your published pricing in the Event Description.


  • The system does not automatically check the coupon codes during the registration process. Instead, the coupon code entered will be displayed in your Total Orders Report, which you can review to ensure that registrants have entered the correct code. If not, you can modify the order.
  • To view the coupon codes entered by the registrants, download a copy of the Total Orders Excel report. Any codes entered will be listed in the "Manual Authorization" column.

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