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How do I view the Journal Report?

In addition to viewing reports for each service (Donations, Event Registrar, Pledge-a-thon, Shopping, Membership), you can view a Journal report of all transactions across all GiftTool services.

To view the GiftTool Journal Report:

  1. Click the Account link located in the top right corner of your GiftTool BackOffice account.
  2. Click Journal Report.
  3. Select a date range for your report by clicking the Date Picker icons.
  4. Select the currency of the transactions to be displayed.
  5. Select one or more payment types to be displayed.
    • Paid and Reversed transactions: Transactions that have been paid or reversed using a credit card through the GiftTool system.  Does not include cancelled transactions were the refund was not handled by GiftTool and instead you logged into your gateway to process the refund.
    • Ordered, Cancelled, and Imported transactions:  Transactions that have been ordered online (paid by cheque, pay at the door, or no charge was involved), cancelled (were the refund was issued offline) or imported (for the membership service).
  6. Click View Report to display your spreadsheet data on screen. You can print or save using your browser commands.


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