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Can I change the order status?
The Event Registrar reports display the following Order Status based on the nature of the online transaction:
  1. Paid – Applicable if the payment was made online by credit card.
  2. Ordered – Applicable if the transaction is to be paid offline (You can record the cash/cheque payment by clicking Offline Payment in the Registrant's Profile).
  3. Reversed – Applicable for transactions paid by credit card, where the money is refunded to the cardholder.
  4. Cancelled – Applicable for transactions to be paid offline, where the money is refunded by your organization (you can record the cash/cheque refund by clicking Offline Payment in the Registrant's Profile and entering a negative amount).
This online order status cannot be changed after the transaction is completed. Instead, if you want to track which registrants have an outstanding balance, it is better to look at your Balance Due column in the Total Orders report.

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