How does GiftTool work?

Setting up your GiftTool services is easy; we do all the work for you! Just give us a call at 1.877.665.8665 or fill out the Request a Demo form for a free no-obligation quote. We will build your custom template to match your website's look and feel, create the first draft of your event, donation page, membership form or product to get you started, and integrate with your payment gateway partner to enable credit card processing.

Once your account is set up, all you have to do is log into your account to look at your draft forms; further customize your donation pages, registration forms, eStore and/or eSurveys if needed; and copy the links into your website. It's all very simple.

When a visitor to your site wants to interact with the service or make a credit card payment, GiftTool's secure servers authenticate the connection and securely transmits the customer's credit card and personal information. After conducting a transaction, each customer is shown a confirmation screen and is sent a confirmation email. Registrants and shoppers receive a full listing of all selections made and amount totals. Donors will receive a "Thank you" message that your organization can customize.

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What are the benefits of using GiftTool?

The benefits of GiftTool's fully configurable, hosted ePhilanthropy and eCommerce solution are many:

  • Maintains your branding: Benefit from a comprehensive set of integrated eCommerce services that become a transparent extension to your organization's website, providing a custom look and feel - without a custom price. GiftTool will format all template pages to identically match your website with all navigation links.
  • Easy to customize: With your secure password, you can easily customize your online pages and confirmation emails using the GiftTool Wizards. When satisfied with the look and functionality, launching the application is a straightforward process - simply add the links to your website. When requirements change in the future, you can easily modify the text or add new events, products, targeted giving programs, or memberships, etc. With a click of the button, changes will be instantly reflected when saved.
  • Easy to administer: From your account, you can manage your monthly donors and your eStore order fulfillment. You will be able to search for event registrant or member profiles -- viewing past transactions, updating contact information, send email reminder / renewal notices, and recording cheque payments to keep balance due reporting updated. For your events, you can also print name badges, assign seating and so much more.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities: GiftTool provides a robust and user-friendly reporting system, which will enable your organization to easily view reports based on all of your online activities. The data is available for analysis at any time. You can download all data in a variety of Excel report formats for easy importation into other systems. You can even create your own custom reports to pull just the information you want, in the order you want it.GiftTool reporting can enhance your ability to track results and learn from past campaigns -- improving results over time. GiftTool reporting also provides a valuable audit trail of all online transactions and cancellations.
  • Robust, proven system that benefits from continuous upgrades: For over 20 years, GiftTool has been providing online eCommerce services to a large variety of business and non-profit clients with a robust, proven hosted software system. From the onset, the GiftTool system has been built to handle an extremely high level of transaction volumes and concurrent users. Additionally, all GiftTool clients benefit from constant service upgrades and new features based on the requests of our many clients.
  • Secure, reliable online credit card processing: Enterprise-strength security is a critical component of GiftTool's business in order to protect the customers' credit card transactions & confidential information. GiftTool employs the latest encryption technology meeting the security standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) -- to ensure credit card payments are secure before, during, and after every transaction. Each transaction is encoded using SSL/TLS strong encryption. Your customers' personal and financial information is encrypted before it leaves their computer, and throughout the transaction. GiftTool is able to seamlessly connect to a variety of payment gateway / internet merchant account solutions (in many currencies).

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How do I receive my funds?

Your GiftTool services may be connected to a payment gateway / internet merchant account solution of your choice, which will handle the final processing of the credit card transactions, disbursing any funds collected directly to your bank account. Disbursement can occur on a weekly or daily basis depending on your merchant account provider. At the end of every month, GiftTool will send you an invoice for your GiftTool service fees.

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Why can't I do this myself?

The investment and technical expertise required make the cost of setting up a service like GiftTool prohibitive for most non-profits. The price of labour, equipment and secure internet connections would likely be more than your online revenues and donations. And as with all online credit card transactions, security is a serious concern. GiftTool employs computer security experts so you don't have to. Our specialists ensure that GiftTool is always using the latest in security technology. Please see GiftTool's Security Policy for more information.

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What do you do with the customer information you collect?

Short answer: Nothing. We store customer information only for accounting and legal purposes. You can access all of the information we store about any one of your customers (except their credit card information) and download it as a Microsoft Excel file to add to your database. Please see GiftTool's strict Privacy Policy for more information.

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Don't see an answer to your question?

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