Online Donations

Raise more money, effortlessly.

Non-profit organizations know that consistently growing their donor base no matter what the economic situation is a key operational strategy. That's why GiftTool's Online Donation service is designed to build donor relationships as well as boost recurring monthly and quarterly giving and one-time donations. Better yet, you create as many donation pages as you need - from "Donate Now" pages to "Send eCards with your Donation" to "Join our Monthly Giving Program" to "Support our Capital Campaign". You've got more ways to engage your supporters and raise more money.

Specifically created for non-profits, Online Donations lets your organization accept online donations quickly, easily, and securely. Maximize the Internet as a donation channel. Highly affordable, with no long-term contracts, GiftTool's Online Donations service:

  • Sets-up easily and quickly
  • Is custom-branded to your website
  • Offers secure 24/7 donations and payment collection
  • Provides suggested gift amounts
  • Automates the tax receipt process
  • Encourages recurring monthly or quarterly donations
  • Automates eCards
  • Reduces staff workload
  • Improves efficiencies
  • Delivers real-time reporting
  • Offers multi-lingual and multi-currency options
  • Saves you time, money and hassle
Drive more donations.

The key to a successful long-term fundraising program is donor loyalty. You can easily encourage monthly donations with targeted giving opportunities or by offering suggested dollar amounts that help donors choose the one that's best suited to them. Additionally, offer donors the ability to make a donation on behalf of another and send automatic eCards acknowledging their gift. GiftTool's Online Donations service ensure you never miss an opportunity to attract more donors!

Connect and engage with your donors.

Build rapport by sending targeted communications to enhance constituent loyalty. Easily customize the automated thank you message sent after each donation. Listen and engage with your donors by asking for feedback and comments, which we automatically add to your reports along with the donation.

Automate to save time and money.

With GiftTool you can automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, such as issuing electronic tax receipts in Canadian, US or international formats. UK charities can include a GiftAid declaration on all donation pages, which can be easily tracked in your reports. Reduce staff and labour costs, while at the same time getting all the tools you need to increase operational efficiencies.

Customize the donor experience to your strategic needs.

Target the donor experience from the minute they land on your home page. By creating a small donation widget where people can select their donation amount or one-time/monthly frequency on your home page, you can quickly engage a supporter to complete their donation, with the amount and frequency already entered into the secure donation form.

Build brand and build trust.

When you use GiftTool, donors give on a secure page that looks like your site. This transparent integration keeps donors focused on your organization, not ours. GiftTool works with you to create fully branded donation pages. By matching the look and feel of your website, from fonts to logo, you get a custom look that supports your organization's brand, values and vision. And, without the custom price!

Get peace-of-mind security and convenience.

GiftTool employs the latest encryption technology to ensure your donors' private information is encrypted, hacker-protected and secure before, during, and after every transaction. Allows you to securely handle the donation process, from verifying the credit card number, processing the donation, sending the donor a receipt, and crediting the donation to your account, so your staff never needs to handle sensitive information.

We know every dollar counts. Ask about our affordable rates. Fill out the contact form, or call GiftTool at 1.877.665.8665 to set up a free demo.