Surveys & Tests

Paper-free, calculation-free and headache-free.

Imagine if you could quickly and easily put your finger on the pulse of your constituents, and learn more about their needs and wants. What if you had a cost-effective way of testing or certifying your staff, students, volunteers or members. If only you could automate secure online ballots for your next election.

With GiftTool's feature-rich Survey & Tests service, it's possible.

GiftTool makes it easy to create professional, secure online surveys and tests. Especially for non-profits and associations, you need a survey and tests service that:

  • Allows you to learn about your constituents' preferences
  • Gathers, analyzes and exports data instantly
  • Boosts your training efficiencies
  • Offers a choice of language (English, French & Spanish)
  • Is custom branded to the look & feel of your organization
  • Automatically and accurately tallies results and marks tests
  • Saves you time, money and hassle
No software to download. No programming skills required.

Jump right in to create professional, fully branded surveys with unlimited questions and pages - quickly and easily! There's nothing to download and you don't have to know a thing about HTML. Questions can include images, and can be formatted as multiple choice, numeric, alphanumeric, true-false, rating scales, essay, and short answer. Easily handle branching logic that automatically skips a person to the next section, if a certain response is given. It's entirely up to you.

Expand your reach and improve your response rates.

Take advantage of GiftTool's flexibility - you decide who can participate. Post a link on your website or include it in your targeted emails. And, to help boost response rates, you can welcome and thank respondents with a personalized message.

Better business intelligence for better business decisions.

With GiftTool's sophisticated real-time reports and data analysis, you can track poll and survey results instantly. Whether you want to test new markets, gauge volunteer, staff or member opinion or conduct post-event surveys, our reports allow you to drill down through your data and get meaningful insights.

Get that 100% secure and confident feeling.

Operated through a reliable, secure server, information always stays private and confidential. Data can be encrypted and is hacker-safe. For online testing or voting, GiftTool makes it easy for you to use a combination of name, username, password, and optional identification code to ensure that only those authorized can cast a single vote or complete the exam.

No more inefficient, costly manual marking.

Not only can you create logically flowing surveys in minutes, but also tallying results and marking can be fully automated. You can assign passing marks or weight questions according to your specific criteria. Need your tests to be time-controlled? No problem, you can conduct fixed-duration tests remotely. No supervision required!

Highly affordable with no surprises and no small print.

Online surveys, tests and elections significantly reduce staffing and overhead costs and the expense of creating, mailing and tabulating results manually. As a hosted solution geared to non-profits and associations, GiftTool structures its pricing with low upfront and variable fees that are discounted as your volume grows. And, there is no long-term contract to sign. Better yet, GiftTool's training and support is there for you, in case you ever need it.

Looking for a fast and affordable way to conduct surveys, tests and ballots? Fill out the contact form, or call GiftTool at 1.877.665.8665 to set up a free demo.